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Denise Bidot for Rick Owens
photographed by Matthew Stone 


Denise Bidot for Rick Owens

photographed by Matthew Stone 

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Work in progress: slow but steady. 

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glorifying the hell out of it 

glorifying the hell out of it 

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A diet is a cure that doesn’t work for a disease that doesn’t exist.

elmnehmara asked: Hi, I am new to Tumblr and I am recently following ArteToLife and TITP and I am wondering if any of the mods can recommend other fat acceptance, body positive bloggers on Tumblr since I have no clue who else, other than here on TITP that blogs about fat discrimination, etc.


Here’s some of my faves in no particular order (note that not every one of these blogs posts about fat-related stuff all the time — it is Tumblr :) 

  • fatbodypolitics
  • madgastronomer
  • nudiemuse
  • bumsquash
  • red3blog
  • fatadditives
  • sugardvenom
  • fatflagrantfeminist
  • sleepydumpling
  • bigbeautifulblackgirls
  • fatassvegan
  • fatnutritionist
  • fatgirlposing
  • living400lbs
  • bodylovewellness
  • heyfatchick
  • tangledupinlace
  • nicholosophy
  • loniemc
  • heckyesfatvisibility
  • friendofmarilyn
  • fatanarchy
  • fuckyeahfatpositive
  • fatgirlsdoingthings
  • excitingfatpeople
  • fatcandance
  • unapologeticallyfat
  • obesitynightmare
  • fatoutloud
  • marilynwann
  • fatdiscrimination
  • fucknohealthism
  • itgetsfatter
  • therotund
  • fatpeopleart
  • riotsnotdiets
  • sourcedumal
  • bilt2tumble

(followers please add more!)


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